Introduction to Gift Giving

Gift giving, it sounds so simple right. A simple task of walking into a shop and buying an item you think a friend will like, but the art of gift giving can be a strange complicated thing task fraught with unseen dangers. Firstly how does one know what to buy for that special occasion or special friend? When is it customary to buy gifts? There are the usual times, birthdays, anniversaries not forgetting the season of goodwill and gift giving Christmas of course. However then there are times when the rules with regards to gift giving are somewhat unclear and questions arise. Is it customary to bring a gift when visiting a friends’ or relatives house for the first time, or when invited to a friend of a friends party? What about office etiquette, when is gift-giving necessary, what gifts are appropriate and what is a no no?

For while the art of gift giving is usually a happy occasion, sometimes, if executed thoughtlessly, it can go badly wrong, for both the giver and recipient. Sometimes what we think to be a good idea might have the opposite result. For instance a gym membership or a diet book, no matter how good the intentions, is never the best idea for a sensitive friend, and a gag gift proclaiming your boss a slave driver, or professing your love for a co-worker even if meant in jest mightn’t be the best for future office relations. And that’s not forgetting the birthday or anniversary gift that doesn’t impress leading to that awkward “its interesting what is it” moment, or worse when you actually forget the occasion and with it a gift.

However despite some major pitfalls to avoid when you get it right, gift giving can feel as good for you as it can do for the recipient. Sometimes nothing feels better than walking into a shop and stumbling upon a gift item that you instinctively know will bring a bit of happiness to a loved one. It needn’t even be for a special occasion of note, sometimes the best gifts are the ones given when we least expect it. That thoughtful little present that helps brighten up someones day, or a simple gift that says thank you for all the little things you’ve done can be as good as a big personal birthday present. Those occasions when everything goes to plan and you bring a smile to a friend or loved ones face makes the custom all the worthwhile.

And outside of navigating the social etiquette and determining different rules, there is also matter of knowing what gift from the many gift options available to choose from. From traditional Irish gifts to give to family, friends and visitors from afar, simple and thoughtful gifts, gag gifts to poke fun and bring a smile to someones face, to personalised and specialised gifts for that special someone or anniversary, there are a variety of options available to suit all occasions. For personalized thoughtful gifts why not pick from lavish bathroom accessories or luxurious fluffy bath towels. All one has to do is look and plan ahead. With such a wide choice of gifts available and such a number of social pratfalls to be wary of, sometimes some expert advice can come in handy. And that is where we at hope to help you.

In the following posts we hope to offer ways to help and inspire you with your attempts, looking at different areas of gift giving. From exploring the many gift options out there: the gifts worth looking at, examining the many occasions that merit gifts to looking at the tricky social quagmire inherent in gift giving: the dos and don’ts, intends to be your ultimate guide to the strange world of gift giving.


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