Novelty Irish Gifts: Stereo Types

Just for fun I’m taking a look at some of the novelty Irish gifts found in some Irish souvenir shops:

Guinness branded items

I was in an Irish souvenir / gift shop recently and was surprised to see just how much the Guinness brand has expanded. I was used to seeing the usual things like Guinness branded clothes, bar items and playing cards but recently I’ve seen Guinness flavoured sauces, crisps and confectionery. I have yet to taste any of these items and I’m not entirely sure I want to. If anyone has tasted any of these, what were they like? Leave a comment. I’m curious!


Leprechaun pens, keyrings, clothing, slippers – the list is endless. Unfortunately it really is endless. On a slightly different note, did you know there is a leprechaun museum in Dublin? What’s more shocking is that I’ve been there myself.

Irish gift shops have sheep printed on a wide range of souvenirs and merchandise. Anyway, I always thought sheep were associated with the Welsh?

The Coatigan

No, that’s not a spelling mistake. It’s a half coat/ half cardigan. We’ll let the imagery do the talking here. Check out this Irish coatigan.

Irish Rugby and Soccer Shirts
Who cares if you watch the sports or not? They’re the national colour… green!
Get in touch if you have seen more weird or funny novelty Irish gifts.


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