Buying gifts on holiday: The Essential Guide Part 1

In our last few posts we looked at the good and bad of holiday gift souvenirs. And continuing on with the summer holiday (or any seasonal holiday for that matter) gift ideas theme, I thought I would look at the more serious side of buying Irish gifts on holiday for family and friends back home.

Lets face it, unless it is a shopping trip abroad bringing home gifts isn’t a mandatory function of holidays, in fact they can bring unnecessary stress to what should be a relaxing getaway. However there are times though where one feels like sharing a portion of the experience or showing someone back home how much you care by bringing home unique gifts back from holiday. And a foreign holiday offers the visitor a wealth of exclusive gift options that you wouldn’t be able to locate anywhere else.

The beauty and trick of buying gifts with a difference on holiday is to look for items indigenous to the region and reflective of the unique history and country of choice. When choosing unique holiday gifts think of the history, culture and items that the region or country is famous for. For example Ireland is noted for its drink as well as its distinctive celtic heritage and tweed and woollen clothing, so a parting gift of Irish whiskey or a nice example of ornate celtic jewellery or celtic inspired art or tweed hat or a nice stylish knit wouldn’t go amiss. Local specialist shops, markets as well as duty free and airport gift shops can be a godsend for these gifts.

Items such as clothing, local food and drink produce (be wary of customs and airport regulations), local crafts, art and jewellery make good gift options. Other options to consider are holiday photos which can be presented in a locally made photoframe, postcards, obligatory fridge magnets and of course lets not forgot our gaudy souvenirs and decorated specialty I love (insert country) t-shirts and merchandise. Whilst they carry the burden of mirth and derision, novelty gift souvenirs, whilst bringing a slice of questionable taste and general fun to the table, are tried and trusted items that can be bought with little cost and most importantly brought home easily.

If you are looking for genuine hard to get local crafts and gifts and a genuine holiday experience getting to meet locals and taking in local customs consider local markets around the region you are holidaying in. A dayout at a open market day can prove to be a worthwhile and eye opening addition to your vacation itinerary. They can be lively and fun, offering an interesting way to both take in the unique culture whilst sampling local food specialities and browse many craft and produce stalls for that special gift. Depending on the country you may need to haggle to gain a bargain, which can be a fun exercise and a unique holiday experience in itself.

Stay tuned for part 2 which will be coming very soon!


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