Buying gifts on holiday: The Essential Guide Part 2

Click on the following link to view part one: Irish gift ideas – holiday guide part one

Part 2: Notes to consider before going on holiday

When thinking about buying gifts on holiday for those at home consider a few things. Firstly who are you buying for, what are their interests and how much do you intend to spend. Secondly and most importantly, think about the logistics of bringing the items home. In the excitement of gift shopping just be aware of certain things to avoid problems at the airport on the way home. Note airport luggage restrictions, airport security protocol and customs regulations especially when it comes to items such as food, liquids and organic materials.

Also be aware of the weight and baggage restrictions, how much space and room will your carefully packed gift item take up in your suitcase and will it exceed the weight restrictions. There is nothing worse than spending a fortune on gifts only to find that they exceed the weight restrictions, are liable to high taxes or are not permitted on-board due to customs regulations or airport security measures, so be aware of the many airport rules and regulations ideally before you begin your vacation.

One way of avoiding the luggage situation is to bring extra empty luggage with you on the trip. A foldaway bag can be easily packed with clothes in your luggage and can be used as extra bag to store your gift items on the way home. One could also consider packing light on the trip leaving appropriate space for extra items purchased on vacation.
If shopping for gifts and items on holiday is a major part of your itinerary then another option would be to arrange for the purchased gifts to be posted or couriered home thus forgoing any problems at the airport.

Whatever your idea of a genuine holiday gift is, plan ahead and do your research before you go on holiday and be aware of the many rules with regards airports and customs.
Explore the many options out there, checkout the markets, research the country and regions key exports, produce and local crafts and above all learn to have fun and make your holiday shopping part of the itinerary. Remember that a holiday is a time to get away from stresses of everyday life so be informed and prepared beforehand and then you can enjoy gift getting and the many experiences it brings!


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