Tips for Buying Souvenirs

Want to buy the perfect souvenir for a loved one? The following are a list of basic tips for you to carry out before you embark on your holiday:

  • Make a list of people you are buying for beforehand and any gift ideas
  • Identify key items that the country/region is noted for
  • Learn the gift of haggling at markets
  • Consider how you will bring the gifts home – be aware of all airport rules and regulations with regards to weight, security and customs.
  • Bring your own bubblewrap to protect delicates in luggage.
  • Consider bringing extra bags over with you or leave extra space in your luggage
  • If you wish to buy the item but know you won’t get it through the airport customs consider the option of postage or courier.
  • Remember there is always duty free at the airport
  • Relax and have fun, on holiday main function is for fun, shopping is only an option
  • Don’t forget: Irish gifts and souvenirs from all over the world are a fun thing to buy! It shouldn’t be a chore.

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