Luxury gifts are in…

After years of watching the pennies and looking at sensible and practical gifts for friends and family, it appears that luxury one of a kind gifts that blow your mind and your budget are back in vogue. This year could be the year to take a small risk and leap of faith and add a little bit of opulence into ones Christmas gifts.

While for the budget conscious luxury gifts that cost a lot may seem frivolous, they do have their place and chosen well can put the fun, thoughtfulness and the unexpected back into Christmas gift giving. Luxury gifts can go many ways, from well crafted and tailored designer clothing and accessories that will last for years, feel and look great and will always get you noticed to beautiful and smart everyday items with a designer twist to brighten up your home or office or to fun beautifully made retro gifts and gadgets. 

And you don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in a luxury item. You can start off small with a well thought out piece for those closest to you. A designer hat or sheepskin gloves offering glamour and comfort for a special event or the everyday will last a long time and feel great. Luxurious bed linen and duvet covers to spoil someone close to you. A beautifully crafted bespoke necklace or item of celtic jewelry for that special woman in your life, thoughtful housewarming gifts, a classic or modern take on kitchen appliances for the would be chef who has everything or a retro take on a classic item or latest gadget for the boys (and men) of all ages are some examples that spring to mind.

Along with their expert design and build that will last and standout from the crowd, one of the beauties of special luxury or bespoke presents is the exclusivity factor. The idea of a gift that can’t be got anywhere, that looks one of a kind and that will brighten up and add a touch of glamour to ones wardrobe, life or home, a gift that shows thought, individualism and taste.

So whilst they may initially seem OTT, if chosen wisely for the individual, uniquely tailored and well designed luxury gifts can add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the Christmas wish list making one feel that extra special and noteworthy. So if you are feeling adventurous and generous and want to impress why not look at luxury one of a kind pieces for those individuals closest to you this Christmas.


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