Beauty gift-sets adding glamour to Christmas wishlist

When it comes to getting gifts for women be it a family member, friend, wife or lover there is a lot of choice available and different categories of gifts from Ireland. From stylish clothes and accessories, to personalised jewellery, coffee table books, stationary sets, food hampers crystal pieces and stylish household items to name a few there is a wide range of options. When it comes to getting gifts for family, partners and friends sometimes it worth thinking of the individual, first and foremost and trying to figure on a general level what item would she like and dislike. 

One major perennial favourite gift category for women is the beauty sets, be it general candle and bath sets to exclusive iconic make-up gift-sets, to specially Christmas collections of fragrance sets and beauty products. For many the obligatory candle and bath gift set options are a love/hate ever present Christmas gift option for family members and acquaintances. Often considered as either a blessing or a curse, their popularity as a favoured Christmas gift item year in and year out often mean that many people end up with the large quantities of the same or similar gift-sets at the end of the Christmas season.

However as a gift option for a family member or acquaintance you know little about but wish to send your goodwill, they are and will always be popular gift items. The best way to make the beauty scented candles and bath gift set memorable and worthy to stand out from others would be to try to incorporate some of the individual recipients personality into the piece by looking for a particular scent or product that you know the person will enjoy. For instance if you know they like a certain perfume or brand see if there is a bath set version of it. Or go for a luxury take on the obligatory candle set by investing in a piece from ones favourite designer such as Orla Kiely’s scented candles which combines her trademark design with a complementary scent.

If one wants to brush aside candles and bath sets then one beauty gift set that never fails to impress for many are make-up pieces. Makeup gift-sets from some of the leading make-up companies are often an iconic luxury must for many women. Whether they are a diehard girly girl who loves their make-up and wants to add the latest iconic must have make-up piece to their collection or just one who dabbles in make-up now and again and would like to sample or behold a staple piece for those big parties and future events then these pieces are the right mix of glam and practicality. The beauty of well chosen make-up gift-sets, are that they often offer clever and great introductions to top brands. Often being a little piece of one off luxury that can make one feel very girly and glam for years to come. And a top quality eyeshadow set will last a while and can become a cherished handbag essential helping one to experiment and create many different glamorous looks for many daytime events and special occasions in the years ahead.

As well as make-up gift-sets, there are many fragrance and beauty sets which top designers bring out especially at Christmas. Chosen wisely these represent the perfect opportunity to sample some of the latest fragrances or beauty products in one off combinations or in sample sizes adding another piece of sophisticated but affordable luxury to the Christmas tree.
With such a wide choice of Irish gifts available and if well thought out and catered to individual tastes, beauty gift-sets be it scented candles, bathsets, make-up pieces or the latest fragrance and beauty sets are a surefire gift choice to add some glamour to the Christmas wishlist.


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