After Christmas… the many occasions when we give gifts

So Christmas is over and 2014 is upon us, the gifts have been given and unwrapped and we are all may be feeling the effects of overindulgence in some form or other. Whilst some of us may be thankful of a break from present shopping after a whole month of it for the festive season, the new year is upon and we look forward to the many other times during the year when shopping for presents is called for. Christmas is the season most associated with gift giving there are many occasions when a gift is either obligatory or expected such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

Giving gifts comes at all times and for all manner of reasons. They can be used as a sign of love and initiation to romance, or as a way of honouring a time honoured romantic tradition (Valentines Day). They can serve as a novel and fun way of celebrating special occasions or public holidays such as St Patrick’s Day or as souvenirs to remind one of a memorable holiday or vacation. They can be given out of the blue to brighten up a work colleague or friends day or presented as a token of thanks and appreciation for a job well done. They can be given to family and friends to mark big occasions such as wedding gifts, engagement, a birth or a house warming. They can be used as tokens to remind travelling family members of home and much more.

For when it comes to buying presents there is many times and occasions when giving a gift feels right. And over the next few weeks we will be looking at different gift giving occasions and suggesting what they may call for. So whatever event or occasion is coming up, why not check out our upcoming posts for ideas on gifts and gift giving occasions.

List of important gift giving instances

Aside from Christmas here are just some of the many occasions when you could consider buying gifts:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Special occasions
  4. A novel and fun way to celebrate public holidays such as St Patrick’s Day
  5. Romantic gifts – Valentines
  6. Wedding and engagement gifts
  7. Thank you gifts
  8. Thoughtful gifts, just to show how much you care
  9. Christmas
  10. Births – celebrate big events and welcome new arrivals
  11. Welcoming– visitors to a house warming
  12. Goodbye gifts to remember you
  13. Novelty gifts to brighten your day
  14. Signs of friendship
  15. Going away gifts – gifts to remind you of home when you leave on your travels
  16. Moving home or moving in gifts – house warming gifts
  17. Big events – leaving home, new job,
  18. Holiday souvenirs to remind friends back home of the different cultures embraced

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