A guide to Valentine’s Day gift options and ideas: Part 1

It is hard to believe but the month of January is almost over and we are already approaching February. And with February comes Valentine’s Day the next big gift giving day on the calendar.  

Whilst some may see the day as a cynical chance to cash in on an old tradition for others it can is a genuine day to celebrate ones relationship and the joys of being a couple. Valentine’s Day at its heart is the perfect opportunity to inject some romance, spontaneity and occasion into ones relationship. If keeping in line with its true spirit it is a day when you can unleash your romantic and creative side by showing that special someone in your life, your partner, be it your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife how much they mean to you with a romantic gesture or thoughtful gift.  

So if you’ve been together for years and fancy putting some romance and spice back into your day or are a newly formed couple still in the throes of romance, then February the 14th is the day to show your romantic thoughtful side with a well thought out gift or romantic gesture.

So how to mark Valentine’s day? Do you choose an exclusively romantically themed gift or a more general yet personal gift that you know they’ll love and appreciate? Or do you skip traditional gifts and celebrate with a gesture or action such as a setting up romantic dinner in, or organizing a special date or a picnic under the stars that puts the romance and spontaneity back into the day of lovers. When it comes to romantic gifts what are the top gifts to consider. Chocolates and candy? Bouquets of flowers? Stuffed Toys? Expensive lingerie for a night to remember? maybe a well chosen piece of Celtic jewelry? Tickets to a favorite show or concert? A pre-booked night out at a restaurant? A selection of personal love letters or poems? Or personalized gifts you know your partner will love and appreciate?

If you think about it, the gift options and ideas for a romantic and special Valentine’s Day are numerous and can go beyond the usual chocolates and flowers (which are always a safe and good option). If you want to be different there are many Irish gift options to consider which we will look into further in our next few posts.


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