A guide to Valentine’s Day gift options and ideas: Part 2

As mentioned last week Valentines Day is coming up soon and for some it may be time to start considering how to spend and celebrate the romantic holiday together as a couple. So what romantic Irish gifts and ways to celebrate should one consider?

Gift Options: Say I love you with a well chosen gift

For some the traditional Irish gifts such as a box of chocolate and selection of candies and personalized bouquet of flowers for her, or a specially put together selection of food, baked goods or drinks for him, are more than enough to show your love and bring a sense of occasion to what could otherwise be a normal day. Such gifts are simple and safe options for the young and newly formed couples in the first throws of romance.

However if you are an established relationship and your idea of a romantic valentines gift goes beyond chocolates and flowers, then there are other options available. A great romantic gift should be a well chosen personal gift item or romantic gesture that notes your partners/lovers individual tastes and/or remembers and celebrates a special date in your shared romantic history. And when choosing a romantic gift there is one key element: the message behind the gift or gesture. The message should recognise the individual in the relationship whilst bringing to mind all the good times and elements of ones combined lives together as a couple.

A great gift recognises the individual and can come with a strong individual message. It could be anything from personalized gifts such as a set of Celtic jewelery such as necklaces, Celtic rings or bracelets in the style your beloved adores, a carefully selected bunch of their favourite flowers with a personalized romantic note or an individual gift with a romantic twist for the man in your life that you know they will appreciate and enjoy well past Valentines.

Romantic Gestures: Why not make it a day to remember

Valentines Day gifts need not be a physical object, some of the best romantic gifts are often gestures, actions or planned romantic events such as a planned shared event or a pre-organised night out which brings an opportunity for a couple to spend valuable time together. Think of booking an evening out at a romantic restaurant or better yet at your partners/lovers favourite spot. Or you could organise a romantic holiday or a weekend getaway. Depending on your partners tastes and interests, the ideal romantic gift may be tickets to their favourite show, event or concert. Or it can be a pre-planned night in with home cooked evening meal and a series of clues that leads to more after hours fun.

Romantic Gestures: It’s the thought that counts

And when it comes to getting your beloved a gift for a Valentines Day to remember, you need not spend a fortune. With romance the expression “it’s the thought that counts” often works. Remember the message you want to send to that special someone when picking your gift. So consider a gift that means something to your partner or draws attention to a particular romantic moment in ones relationship. A thoughtful romantic gift can be an impromptu picnic with a selection of their favourite meals or a dinner date in a setting where both of you had your first date. It can be a selection of personal love letters or poems, a homemade card or handmade gift with a message/theme that is significant to your lover, a collection of past romantic songs remembered from early in ones relationship. Or it can be a series of events that ultimately lead to a special night in.

With careful thought about the general message and what you want to say in your choice of gift or action, celebrating Valentines Day need not be daunting.

Tune in next week for our final part where we look more in depth at gift options out there…


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