A guide to Valentine’s Day gift options and ideas: Part 3

Over the last few weeks we have been dissecting  up to the perfect Valentines Gift and this is the final part of our special three part series.

Romantic Gifts from traditional to more individual

So what gifts to consider for valentines? With romantic Valentines day Irish gifts many factors apply. What stage you are in your relationship, the gift choice for a newly formed couple can be different to those in a long-term committed relationships.

If still in the early stages play it safe with chocolates, flowers, stuffed toys and informal yet meaningful gifts. If you are the traditional romantic Valentines type in the committed throes of a long-term relationship gifts to consider include: 

  1. Jewelry is always a winner, and if diamonds aren’t your thing consider more traditional Irish gifts such as Celtic jewelry, (the famous Claddagh ring spells romance from its meaning to its story), watches, individualised charm bracelets etc
  2. Luxury gift items such as designer scarfs, hats, gloves, cufflinks,
  3. Handmade artisan chocolates
  4. A personalised bouquet of flowers with an individual message
  5. Fragrances
  6. Luxury designer lingerie
  7. You can even consider making your own personal Valentines Day presents for loved ones creating gifts with a twist that cost nothing but time and imagination. Consider individualised handmade gifts that remember the individual recipient and the memories of romantic occasions (a collection of their favourite love letters, songs and poems, mementos or reminders of past dates etc.)

And if a day of romance rather than a gift is your thing you can plan a romantic day, special date or weekend break away accordingly to each others passions. If stuck for ideas then checkout the many Valentines Day special offers available in many restaurants, hotels and establishments close to you. Nowadays many establishments note the importance of the day, with many special romantic packages in hotels whilst many hotels and restaurants offer special dinner menus and evening entertainment set up for the day and evening. Alternatively set up your own personalised romantic itinerary for the day.

And while some of us are traditionalists and born romantics for others the idea of chocolates and dinner dates may be too soppy and not to your taste, however there are alternative Valentines Day. Stay tuned for the final part of our Valentine’s gift series on Wednesday as we countdown to the big day!


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