A guide to Valentine’s Day gift options and ideas: Part 4

Alternative Valentines gift ideas for non traditionalists

Even if you or your partner/lover aren’t the romantic Valentine’s Day type, indeed if the prospect of a romantic Valentines Day has you shaking your head, you can still note the day whilst being true to yourselves, exchanging gifts that are relevant to you both. Remember Valentine’s need not necessarily be about the traditional stereotypical romantic gestures, it can be about showing spontaneity, thoughtfulness and setting aside time to spend together as a couple. If chocolates and dinners out are not your thing, why not mark it in your own way. You can treat the day like any other special gift giving occasion such as Christmas or a birthday by indulging in getting each other gifts that you know will last long after the day ends. So think about what your partner really likes and his/her hobbies and interests. When looking for a suitable gift consider any gift item he/she may have mentioned, or something you know they have always wanted or would appreciate.

Again when choosing the ideal Irish gifts think of the person and the message you want to show. So think about your beloved and what would thrill and surprise them. It could be anything from luxury clothing accessories to specific jewelry pieces, to the latest high tech gadget with an individual twist, designer perfume or aftershave, designer lingerie or even a personalized gift.

Or it can a light-hearted and non serious, if both of ye can agree to do an anti-Valentine’s Day with a set budget and an emphasis on fun novelty gifts that will bring a smile to both of your faces (make sure beforehand that both of you are on the same page when it comes to gag gifts).

Or if you want to forego the gifts and spend the occasion together as a couple on a special date away from the traditional options of hotel getaways and restaurant offers there are many options. Checkout out what’s on offer in your areas for ideas on how to spend a day or evening together. From taking a class together (pottery, one day cooking or chocolate making course, special art workshops) trying a new activity together or spending a night in town together at some of the many shows, plays, concerts, and events taking place.

Get into the spirit whether if you’re in love or single

And while Valentine’s Day is reserved for couples, just because you are single instead mean you have to hide behind the shutters and lament the day, you could get into the spirit and give it your own personal twist. You could think of it as the perfect occasion to treat yourself, be with a gift you know you will like or an evening of pampering at home. That luxury scarf or fashion accessory, that piece of Celtic jewelry, the pendant, bracelet or pair of celtic earrings you have been looking at for ages, or the cool tech gadget, iPad cover or designer watch you have had your eye on for awhile, items you have been meaning to buy but never had the right reason to justify it. Well why not celebrate the day on your own terms by treating yourself to that gift.

Final Conclusion

Whatever your thoughts on the day be sure to acknowledge it, whether you are a traditional romantic who wants to spice up your Valentine’s Day with imaginative and personal gifts or actions or you are a couple who see cringes at the thoughts of romantic gifts, you both can note the occasion in your own unique way. The one thing to remember when buying a present for ones loved one on the day is to put the thoughtfulness in and to have a personal message relevant to the occasion in mind when getting your gift.


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