Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Part 1

It seems fitting that with all the unheralded support they have given us over the years, that there is at least a day to honour and celebrate mothers and the work and support they have and continue to give over the years. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many different ways and  indeed on different days all over the world being celebrated on the 30th March in the UK and Ireland. It is the one time in the year where it is official to note, acknowledge and show appreciation for the many ways that our mothers’ impact upon our lives. And the day is timely as it allows family members to express thanks and gratitude with all manner of traditional Irish gifts and specially planned family days out.

How one celebrates and acknowledges Mother’s Day is of personal choice and can be done in different ways. Traditionally it is custom to give special Mother’s Day cards, flowers or chocolates. Some even write special poems and messages, offer breakfast in bed and do all the household chores for the day, others bake homemade cakes and buns for a special lunch celebration. For some particularly those away from home the day can be the perfect opportunity to get in touch with a phonecall home, a visit family or a family meal out together.

Whether you live close to your family or are living on the other side of the world, Mother’s Day offers a welcome opportunity for family members to reconnect and acknowledge each other with a timely visit, phone call or a thoughtful Irish gift. And nowadays with the power of the internet (online shopping) and skype you can keep in touch and reminisce, and post a card or gift overseas no matter where you are.

Of course you needed be situated overseas to acknowledge the significance of family and Mother’s Day, wherever you be it living at home, or nearby you can always take the time to wish your mother happy Mother’s Day in all manner of ways. It can range from traditional gifts of cards, flowers and chocolates (granted that she has not given up chocolate for lent) or more personal personalized gifts such as scarfs, handbags, celtic jewelry or candle and beauty sets to actions such as helping out with chores or making breakfast or dinner, organizing a family day out or special Mother’s Day meal together or simply getting in touch in person or by phone.

All in all whatever way you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day or wherever you are be sure and remember that it is the perfect time to say thanks for all that she has done over the years and acknowledge her as both a mother and an individual with a well thought out action, gesture or gift.


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