Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Part 2

In our last post we acknowledged the importance of Mother’s Day and the many ways we can show our appreciation and in this post we will look at the many gift options out there for Mother’s Day. With Mother’s Day there are many ways to show appreciation and thanks to your mum. You can treat her to a day of pampering and relaxation whilst you do the chores. Surprise her with breakfast in bed, a homemade lunch or baked treat. You could make the day a special occasion with a family lunch out or a one on one lunch with you and your mum at your favourite hotel or restaurant or hotel.

You could also go with tradition and get a typical Mother’s Day gift. With many shops and businesses catering to the day, it can be an easy option. If however you plan on doing away with the traditional gifts and taking the opportunity to surprise her with a well thought out personal gift, then there are many things to consider and options to go with. And when it comes to mothers day gifts, whilst the traditional mothers day list is endless from chocolates, cakes and confectionery (be mindful of lenton vows) to flowers and homemade Irish gifts, non traditional gifts if chosen wisely can be the perfect opportunity to spoil your mom and gift her with a gift item that she either loves or needs.

If you decide to go for a more personal and non traditional Mother’s Day gift but stuck for ideas, it is wise to start by considering the person behind the title. She may be your mum but behind the mantle of mother remember she is an individual with her own likes and dislikes. So if choosing a gift be sure and look for something you know she will like and appreciate.

The gift of choice could be anything from a simple gift voucher to spend at her favourite stores, a homemade item where the thought counts, an organised special event/meal out for the two of ye or the whole family to spend time together, to traditional feminine gift sets of bath, beauty, and make-up kits, Irish jewelry (whether Celtic themed, simple or ornate), luxury or practical fashion pieces or accessories to gifts that note her individual interests and hobbies. When choosing a gift for your mom, think about her individual traits, interests and personality. Think about her passions and hobbies. Is she an avid cook, keen gardener, or a beauty and fashion maven? Or is she more of an avid reader, interested in the arts and crafts. Is she someone dedicated to others and not herself thus deserving of a mini holiday or luxury pampering beauty set.

For fashionistas checkout items of clothing or fashion accessories such as a stylish and functional scarf, handbag or wrap in a style you know she likes. Or if she is into jewellery then why not surprise her with a simple yet stylish item that can be worn on special occasions or everyday such as a bead or charm bracelet, Celtic themed shamrock jewelry, brooches and Celtic earrings or a stunning pendant. Also consider gifts that give her opportunity to unwind and pamper herself, relaxing beauty gifts, bath salts and gels, favourite fragrances, scented candles, the best in skincare and luxury face cream, top end make-up brands etc. And that’s not forgetting the hobby/special interest themed gift items that you know she will love or appreciate such as (depending on her hobbies) books, kitchen and cooking accessories, pieces for the garden etc.

Aside from physical gifts, you can also think of making Mother’s Day into a special occasion for the two of ye to bond and spend time together either with a special lunch or a family dinner in a favourite restaurant. Or you can also splash out organising a mini break or short holiday for her, the perfect opportunity to take time out for herself and with many hotels offering weekend breaks, pampering spa and beauty treatments. you will find a number of accommodating venues and specially formatted dinner and holiday packages.

So whatever way you go with gifts for Mother’s Day, either down the traditional route or the individual personalised gift route that shows personal insight is up to you. But remember to use the day to give thanks and show appreciation in whatever way you want to your mom on Mother’s Day.


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