Gifts for Fathers Day: What to get for your father on fathers day?

This Sunday the 15th June is Father’s Day, the time of year when we note the major role our fathers have and continue to play in our lives. Like its female counterpart Mothers Day, Fathers Day gives the overlooked fathers and father figures a well deserved time in the sun and allows us all to note the many ways or fathers, grandfathers or paternal role models have and/or continue to impact on our lives.

When it comes to getting gifts for ones father on fathers day often times it can be hard to figure out what he likes or what type of Irish gifts he would appreciate. There are many routes to take when choosing a gift for Father’s Day. One could go with the fun occasion Father’s Day gag gift route complete with the obligatory card, mug or t-shirt, or a more personal and serious gift that acknowledges the paternal role he has played in ones life or there is the individual type of gift similar to the one, one would give him for Christmas or his birthday.

Whatever route you take and how you honour Father’s Day is up to you and what the day means to both you and your beloved Dad. Whether you see it as a special fun occasion or the perfect opportunity to surprise your father and let him know how much you appreciate/ appreciated the car lifts, the support and advice over the years by surprising him with a personalised individual gift, there are many Irish gifts out there.

As with everything it is often best to take note of where your fathers interests lie and choose a Irish novelty gift that you know he will like and one that will be of use to him.

Hobbies – golf, sport, movies, books,

Acknowledge the individual person behind the mantle of Dad with a gift that shows how much you know about him with a gift that will peak his interest and help him pursue his hobbies. Whether he be a foodie, or a would be gardener, a sports fanatic, a DIY fixer upper, a literary lover or a film goer or everything in between there are a variety of gift items and ideas to consider. Sporty dads might appreciate tickets to see their favourite team play, or love a day planned for the both of you to spend time together at a sporting event or entertainment show. Then there is the option of physical gifts to hold and use such as the latest books, film boxsets, the latest DIY tool kit or technology gadget for the computer geek. You could also look at gift items that offer useful and practical solutions for his chosen hobby. Is your dad a food lover and would be masterchef with an eye for maths? Try a chopping board with a design that helps him cut his vegetables to the exact size. Or is he a gardening enthusiast? Then look at items that would help make gardening easier. For the technology and mechanically minded dad, clever computer and electronic gadgets or grown up cool toys or gadgets that help to bring out the eternal kid are other good gift ideas.

Clothing accessories

For the stylish man a clever and well chosen fashion accessory could be a welcome gift. From smartly chosen designer pieces and accessories to stylish watches and cufflinks, to aftershave and grooming kits there are many fashionable items to choose from. And if he is sartorially challenged you could introduce him to the world of fashion gradually with a well chosen and wearable fashion accessory or style essential such as a scarf, aran sweaters (for the man proud of his Irish heritage and looking for a long lasting and warm jumper) or a simple tweed hat for those days when he may want to appear dapper.

Remember the person and the day.

And remember one doesn’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate Father’s Day. For many it is a light-hearted occasion and being widely acknowledged, there are many humorous and/or thoughtful Fathers Day themed traditional Irish gifts out there that mark the day and the occasion among them special fathers day mugs, cards and humorous t-shirts. Plus there is also ample opportunity to create a special your special fathers day gift item if you are on a budget. You could keep it simple and make Father’s Day into a special occasion with a specially cooked homemade lunch or dinner (bring out the barbeque if the weather is good) or make it an occasion to spend more time with your father catching up on the good times.

Whatever way you acknowledge the occasion whether with a big gift or a personal homemade item, Father’s Day like its maternal equivalent offers children and adults alike the opportunity to give thanks and honour the often overlooked role fathers play in their lives.


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