Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 1)

Remember in a recent post when we noted how Kanye West bought his bride Kim Kardashian a claddagh ring on their honeymoon in Ireland, well that got me thinking about the benefits of buying gifts for loved ones on ones holiday or in their case honeymoon. Kanye’s choice of an Irish Claddagh ring was fitting for many reasons, not only will it remind him and his wife of their honeymoon location from years to come, it was tied in with Kims family’s history (her stepfather presented her mother with a claddagh ring on their Irish honeymoon years before) plus the fact that the Claddagh ring comes with a romantic back story, a mythology of its own and an Irish tradition with regards to how it is worn on ones finger that gives it an extra romantic edge. The famous American rappers Irish gift choice thus highlights for many the draws of buying gifts on holidays, particularly in Irish gifts that come with their own unique cultural premise and history.

Investing in a range of gift items for future special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, weddings, house warming, etc) in mind while on foreign holidays or vacations away from home may seem a bit insane but holiday gift shopping does open up a plethora of gift shopping options particularly for those looking for a gift with an edge. Whilst for many, gifts bought on holidays often conjure up images of the usual tacky holiday souvenirs, novelty gifts and t-shirts and the obligatory fridge magnet, if time and money is invested wisely and one looks around unusual haunts,  researching the unique culture and stories of the country of choice then many holiday gift treasures can be found. By moving away from the typical stereotypical tourist gifts, one can find a welcome supply of gift items for any occasion in reputed shops, special craft fairs and specialist stores in the country of choice. The key when shopping around on holidays is the same when looking for a specific gift for someone for a special occasion: stop and think beforehand, plan and shop around.

And the beauty of finding a great gift for a loved one on a holiday is that it can be later presented on a myriad of occasions where a well thought out and unique gift is called for, the premise of its origin making it seem extra special with many added bonuses. For not only is it a gift this is different to ones that can be bought at home, such gifts often come with their own story. From how they came to be: i.e. found in a market stall while one was on holiday in Italy,Ireland, Spain etc to the special individual story, the rich historical background and native customs behind it such as the romantic past and traditions associated with the humble Irish claddagh ring.

Stay tuned for the second instalment of suggested holiday gift ideas next week.


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