Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 2)

As each country has its own rich culture and heritage, much of its individuality can often be seen in the local food, drink, products and crafts. Think of Ireland and the traditional Irish gifts of aran sweaters (traditionally knitted and made in the remote Aran islands), the aforementioned claddagh rings and celtic jewelry (which take their inspiration from the designs of the high crosses and our rich celtic heritage that can still be seen dotted across the landscape), Waterford Crystal and belleek pottery as well as the celebrated Guinness and specialist food spring to mind. Moving away from the traditional Irish gifts, there is always the option of checking out the many handmade items crafted by local artists to be found in fairs and stalls in tourist and arts friendly locales. People wishing to purchase a gift item abroad with a difference can’t go wrong with looking at these ranges of stunning handmade and locally produced crafts and pieces of art and design that are to be found in many a craft fair, arts centre or local shop. These unique gift items usually handmade by local artists and craftspeople from the area can range from paintings/ artwork and beautifully rendered photographs of local landmarks and scenic landscapes to stunning samples of pottery, uniquely designed household items and furniture, jewellery and handmade clothing etc.

However despite the many benefits to be had in investing in gifts on ones holiday, many people do tend to eschew the quality gift items in lieu of hastily bought stereotypically cheap holiday souvenirs. Why? Aside from the time and money spent looking for a unique gift item on holiday, one of the main worries or obstacles in bringing gifts home from holidays is often the luggage and airport restrictions and the difficulty in bringing them home on the plane. However modern times and technology has a solution to this dilemma: the internet and international shipping. So if one has shock, horror of horrors forgotten or been unable to bring a fitting souvenir or beautiful gift item from ones holidays home whether it be due to luggage restrictions such as weight and airport regulations or forgetfulness then there is also the option of online shopping and international postage and shipping to consider. With most shops now having an online presence it has never been easier to get an imaginative and individual gift for someone special sent to you with the click of a button. So even if your choice of gift from your holiday is bigger than the romantic claddagh ring Kanye and Kim brought home, with careful thought and planning you can have your unique holiday gift item sent over through the power of the internet.


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