How following fall/winter fashion trends can help you pick the right gift for your fashionista friend

When it comes to getting gifts, be it one for an upcoming friend, lover or a family members birthday, or a random spur of the moment gift for a friend or family member away from home or off on an early start for Christmas gift season, finding inspiration can be hard. One interesting way to get ideas for gifts particularly for fashionista friends could be to look at fashion trends for the months ahead. While it might seem unnecessary, when one is stuck for ideas for gift items for people (for upcoming birthdays/Christmas etc) particularly for those who like to look stylish, that unlikely source of inspiration, the catwalk and fashion magazines, may prove an invaluable tool.

Now summer is well and truly over and autumn is in. And to many, autumn is a defining season for many reasons as it marks the change of time and weather and harkens in the cold dark months of winter. The importance of this major transitional period can be seen in the role autumn plays in many areas of life from the start of school and college term to the fashion world with the fall/winter fashion collection being a major highlight of the fashion year and for people stuck for ideas the results from the catwalk and the change in season can help make finding unique Irish gifts a bit easier.

Why? Well the change in weather and temperature that the new fall season brings means that gift items that are perfect for summer become redundant in autumn. For instance a summer T-shirt bought on holiday might seem like a great idea at the time but it can be a bit too cold and ineffectual for the chilly months ahead while a gift of stylish gloves, scarf or a cosy Irish wool sweater will be a godsend as the days get colder and the urge to wrap up warm and snug grows. Therefore getting a gift that follows the line of fashion and the changing needs of the season can be worth considering.

But knowing what fashion items and accessories to get for fashion conscious friends can be tricky. Therefore when it comes to gifts, particularly for your stylish and fashionable friends, the results of the upcoming fashion weeks where the main fashion trends for the next six months are cast can be a goldmine particularly in the fields of knowing what much needed winter clothing for the cooler months ahead is worth investing in.

With this in mind and against the findings of the catwalk and the changing of the season this year what should one consider as a good gift choice in the months ahead, be it for a birthday gift or an early Belleek Christmas gift? Whatever ones style be it young and quirky (think fun, patterned novelty and warm cosy socks, knitted hats in cool colours or gloves) or practical and stylish, autumn and winter essentials such as mittens, gloves and knitted scarf’s and snoods are simple fashion accessories that always offer great stylish ways to wrap up warm and be cool (in a fashion as opposed to literal sense).

And amongst the many key fashion trends seen gleamed so far from this years fall/winter fashion collection, the unlikely selection of tartan and plaids, tweed and wools in both sweaters for men and aran sweaters for women which are worth taking note of particularly if one is keen to give a gift item with an Irish/Celtic theme. The fact that tartan and plaid prints along with tweed and woollen items are one of the big fashion hits this season (appearing on the fashion pages and on the catwalk) means you can present well chosen fashion accessories, Celtic jewelry and other traditional Irish gifts with an unashamedly Celtic feel to friends safe in the knowledge they will be bang on trend fashion wise.

So this year why not invest in traditional Irish gifts such as a tartan or plaid patterned scarves, tartan handbags, tweed jackets and hats, the always wearable and suitably warm aran sweaters and cardigans, knitted scarf’s and Aran snoods not to mention cosy and appropriately warm gloves and mittens. Not only are they functional and warm, perfect for the cold months ahead but they are also quite stylish. And although the fickle world of fashion may change from year to year, the need to invest in a warm and functional and well chosen item of autumn/winter clothing never will.

So when it comes to getting gifts, sometimes it can be worthwhile keeping in mind recent fashion trends particularly if you are buying gifts for a fashion maven or stylish person who likes to be in the know when it comes to fashion. Being aware of key fashion clothing staples and fashion accessories can therefore sometimes make gift shopping easier. And this knowledge combined with an in-depth knowledge of a persons personal tastes, likes and needs makes shopping for Irish traditional gifts and Irish gifts for that special birthday or upcoming Christmas all the more easy.


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