Clothing Accessories as a Gift: Part 2

With so many gift options out there it can be hard to know what to get for main gift giving occasions such as birthdays, family visits and upcoming Christmas holidays. As mentioned last week, an often overlooked gift item that could be worth looking at, are clothing and fashion items if chosen with a hint of caution with regards individual style and size.

Continuing on from last weeks post we will look at different clothing items to consider for future birthday/Christmas gifts for loved ones. Well aside from stealthily finding the correct size measurements of your friend/loved one without them knowing, there is the safe option of looking at universal items of clothing and fashion that can be given as Irish gifts and are always well received. The easiest and safest bets are clothing and fashion accessories and items where size doesn’t matter such as gloves and mittens, Aran socks, hats and scarfs. And at this time of year picking a selection of nicely designed and cute winter knits will always be welcome. For an extra special touch you could splurge a bit and look for a luxury piece (leather gloves) or put extra thought into the design and fabric available picking a colour or style that you know will appeal to the person.

Aside from these staples, items such as T-shirts, jumpers and sweaters are another safe bet, although it is may be a bit wise to pay particular attention to individual style and size (small, medium or large). T-shirts are always welcome from the fun gag gift (for someone with a distinctive sense of humour), the cheesy token gift from an Ireland vacation, to a stylish beautifully designed clothing essential to be worn casually or dressed up. Sweaters likewise, if they fit well are cosy, warm and if nicely designed are also a good bet.

When picking t-shirts and sweaters that have an impact as an individual gift, why not consider picking an Irish sweater with a design or colour that holds significance to the recipient (a football or rugby jersey honouring their favourite team or a fashionable sweater in a nice colour, comfortable fabric and design). For a sweater/jumper that is a gift and a half, why not invest in a high quality statement piece such as an iconic Aran Sweater, the granddaddy of all Irish sweaters, that long lasting high quality pinnacle of cable knit jumpers, an item that is warm and functional (always of use in the cold autumn and winter months), as well as comes with its own Irish mythology and long lasting appeal. A great gift item for a long lost Irish relative living far from home, not only is it a reminder of their Irish roots but with its design which is very current in fashion trends this year and its functionality, it is the ultimate example of a cosy warm jumper that is not only warm and long lasting but also very stylish.

And with this years autumn/winter fashion trends being big on celtic themes (tartans, plaids, tweed and Aran inspired knits are big) you could choose a fashion accessory or item of clothing that is bang on trend with this seasons fashion. So get your style conscious friend an essential piece in one of this seasons must have styles. Go celtic with Irish inspired fashion gifts such as smart plaid and tartan prints (tartan scarfs or handbags) or keep it classic and cosy with the eternally stylish tweeds and woollen knits (styles that are always in fashion, always of use and much appreciated in cold autumn/winter months).

As the cold seasons of autumn and winter progress a gift of woollen and cosy knitwear be it a simple knitted scarf, a luxurious Irish Fisherman sweater or iconic Aran jumper, cute winter mittens or a well tailored tweed jacket may be perfect. Well chosen clothing essentials, stylish items or well chosen luxury fashion accessories can be an ideal gift to add to your potential gift list. So whether you are looking for a Irish novelty gift for an upcoming birthday, traditional Irish gifts to present to long lost relatives on a family visit abroad or planning ahead for Christmas which is edging nearer and nearer, with these few tips you can add clothing accessories to your gift ideas catalogue. And with so much out there to choose from, from cute and funky individual pieces, to fashion accessories that note the individual to iconic fashion pieces for some stylish fashionista they may present as an ideal gift.


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