The joy in giving a personalized gift

In everybody’s life there is always a range of occasions, whether it be birthdays or weddings where it is necessary to give a gift. And that’s not forgetting Christmas slowly appearing on the not too distant horizon, times when gift giving is mandatory. When it comes to giving gifts there are two options to choose from, the personalized gift and the safe gift voucher. But of the two: hand chosen personalized gifts or gift cards, which is the best?

When one thinks about buying a gift for someone is a personal matter. When going about gift shopping one has to think of the individual gift recipient and ask questions. Do they like Irish Gifts? What are their likes, hobbies and passions? What style of clothing and jewellery or  perfume do they normally wear/ use? Do they like Aran Sweaters or celtic jewellery? Are they into the latest technological gadgets or more culturally inclined preferring music, films and books etc? Do they like traditional Irish gifts or homeware such as a thoughtful scented candle or candle holder? Almost like a detective we have to get an overall idea of the person in order to choose a gift that they will appreciate and love.

The overall experience of planning and trying to figure out what gift items an individual friend, lover or family member will enjoy and appreciate can be a fun or sometimes a stressful experience depending on the person! When it comes to Irish wedding gift ideas or birthday gifts, there is a fine line between a well chosen gift item they’ll love and a poor one they’ll forget. As such gift buying is often a gamble determined as much by research and prior/intuitive knowledge of the person as it is down to dumb luck. Get it right and you have a gift that’s heartfelt, get it wrong and you’ve wasted time and money on a gift that no one wants.

Although that gamble is eliminated with a gift card, it does not have the essential “wow factor” that a personalized gift does. For despite the risks involved ultimately there is something nice not to mention personal about unwrapping a gift that highlights individual thought and attention. It elicits a warm feeling ultimately making a personalized gift more special.


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