Time to start thinking ahead for Christmas shopping

With Halloween over and the month of November now upon us, our thoughts now turn to the next big holiday season coming up: Christmas. With shop windows displaying their Christmas themed displays, Yuletide ads slowly emerging on the TV screen, many invites to office Christmas parties already being sent and the latest must have children’s wishlists already appearing, there is no getting away from the spectre of Christmas.

And with Christmas comes the immediate need to start thinking ahead and planning for a variety of Christmas gifts for family, friends and everyone in between. From house warming Irish gifts to present at upcoming Christmas parties, to the obligatory office kris kringle not to mention a variety of traditional Irish gifts for close family friends and family members both at home and abroad to take into consideration, Irish gift shopping for Christmas looks set to be the focus of much of our attention in the weeks ahead.

And in contemporary society there is a wide variety of gift items to consider for a broad range of people. What type of gift you get for a loved one or colleague can be determined by a number of factors such as ones budget and ones relationship to the gift recipient. Gift ideas can come from a variety of sources. Think gifts that cater to individual hobbies and interests (always a good way to find appropriate gifts), fashion sense (think cosy, Aran sweaters, scarf’s, Irish throws, and luxury fashion items and accessories in their favoured style), luxury gift items for someone special (one off iconic sweaters, ornately crafted Celtic jewelry, cashmere fashion pieces, luxury handbags, stylish one off fashion pieces, favourite fragrances, etc.) their age (latest toys and Christmas gifts for children and young family members) right up to individual needs (a personalized Irish gifts that you know they require but wouldn’t buy themselves).

And then there are other types of Christmas gifts to consider i.e. if you wish to concentrate on gifts from Ireland to remind relatives abroad of family heritage and connections, quality food and drink items for hosts of upcoming festive parties or quirky and fun novelty Irish gifts one off pieces to spread a little random joy to your work colleagues and acquaintances.

With so much to plan and think about for Christmas gifts in the weeks ahead in our next few posts we hope to look at the different things to look out for and be aware of in the long run-up to Christmas 2014.


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