Personalized gift ideas for Christmas

On our growing Christmas wish list, for both children and grown ups, the latest games and must have gadgets in the world of technology, food, sports and hobbies etc. usually pop into the mindset. And that’s not forgetting adding cosy Aran sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves to wrap up warm in winter, gorgeous luxury Celtic jewelry pieces, favourite fragrances and cosmetics, Irish gifts that form part of a hobby or passion or homely essentials to brighten the home Christmas potential gift list.

Yet amidst this vast choice of gift items that are usually chosen based on a persons individual taste or hobby, there exists another type of gift to consider: the personalized gift. Although not to everyone’s taste, if chosen wisely and thoughtfully, with the thoughts of the individual recipient in mind, personalized gifts can be an ideal choice for a close family member or friend this Christmas. These traditional Irish gifts can bring a personal note that recognises the individual, their quirks and history often shining a spotlight on them as a person. Often thought of as an anniversary or birthday gift they can be designed or picked for a number of gift giving occasions including Christmas.

A personalized gift can comprise of many things. It can be as elegant, grand and romantic as a beautiful ring engraved with a heartfelt private message, personalized Irish gifts such as knitted jumper or funky t-shirt, or for the more upmarket Celtic pendants or Claddagh rings for a person interested in their Irish heritage or a intricate locket with a photo or personal message enclosed inside.

It can be thoughtfully done up especially for the individual. Think of old family photos beloved of the individual carefully restored and presented to them in an engraved picture frame. Or a simple personalized mug adorned with a favourite family photo, individual portrait or the name of the gift recipient, a calendar made up of favourite images from their own personal photo collection or a key ring or Irish sweater embellished with the family name crest.

With personalized or Irish novelty gifts the possibilities can be endless. Whilst often though of as gifts only apt for birthdays and special anniversaries and overlooked in the parade of must have gadgets and stylish fashionable gifts on the ever growing Christmas wish list, the humble personalized gift isn’t something to be passed over.

For people, not drawn to the allure of the latest gadget or accessory, who have an interest in their personal heritage and family, and who like to be identified as an individual with their own unique qualities a personalized Irish gift might be the ideal gift. So if stuck for ideas on what to get a close family member or friend this Christmas why not consider the possibilities of a well chosen personalised gift.


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