The allure of jewelry as a gift of choice for many occasions

Christmas may be well and truly over, but shopping for gifts online is a year round activity which isn’t constricted by the day of the week or time of the day. From random acts of generosity, to birthdays, anniversaries (wedding, relationship etc), honouring momentous occasions (moving house) to special events/holidays, there is always time for gift shopping.

With so many gift giving occasions to consider in our calendar year among them birthdays, anniversaries and popular gift giving days such as Valentines Day coming up, sometimes it is worth taking a look at some of the versatile and much loved gifts that are always welcomed and adored no matter what the occasion. Traditional Irish gifts that you can always call upon if stuck for inspiration: celtic jewelry.

Whether you are looking for a romantic personalized Irish gift for said Valentines Day, want to mark a anniversary or looking for that special gift for a woman in one’s life then items of celtic jewelry such as Claddagh rings will never go astray. Indeed, a well crafted and thoughtful piece of jewelry is one of the most romantic and practical gifts for women. Jewelry no matter what the occasion be it for an anniversary, a birthday gift, a surprise gift to say I thought of you or as a romantic gift to mark Valentines Day is always welcome. A well chosen necklace or celtic pendant, watch, brooch, set of celtic earrings or perhaps an Irish charm bracelet is timeless and always on hand when one needs to add a shot of glamour or a quick fashion fix to complete an outfit.

Many of us will have a collection of different items of jewelry in all manner of designs from classic pearl and silver pieces, to simple costume jewelry to temporarily fit any style and/or brighten up your day to intricately designed stand out pieces such as pieces of celtic jewelry that represent a style or harken back to an era that is of interest to you. And like fashion pieces there are so many styles and designs out there that can help one to create or complete numerous fashion looks. Jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement, an item to help customise or add glamour to an outfit. It is also a personal expression of taste and glamour, a lifelong symbol of ones beliefs, a token reminder of family heritage and if given as a gift: a sign of love, devotion and friendship. The classic example of this infusion of contemporary style and mythical celtic symbols of union and romance would be an Irish wedding ring or a Claddagh wedding band.


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