Celtic jewelry as an expression of true friendship

Whilst we are all familiar with affordable costume jewelry, a good fixture in our day to day lives, nothing quite beats the gift of a luxury statement celtic jewelry piece from a well known maker. Be it bespoke pieces that are an art form in themselves to the ever popular diamond and pearl pieces. And then there are items of jewelry that take on an Irish and celtic inspired design bringing us close to our heritage and family ties, namely beautifully crafted celtic knot jewelry and Irish Shamrock jewelry.

Celtic jewelry range from the romantic legend that surrounds the Claddagh ring, to the pendants, lockets, charm bracelets, celtic earrings and rings that are inspired by the rich Irish and celtic heritage and mythology. These distinctive Irish themed jewelry items place the most beloved images of Irish and celtic identity in stylish and well crafted luxury pieces. A perfect way to stylishly remind oneself of their Irish heritage and family roots be it at home or abroad, celtic jewelry is a much beloved and sought after Irish gift, perfect for many occasions. As luxurious, rich and beautiful as a diamond, pearl and gemstone encrusted rivals, celtic inspired jewelry carry their own distinctive allure and are a great gift item to present to a friend, family member or lover as a token of love and friendship. For not only do they present a glamorous, stylish and fashion forward look but also to some they represent a string of personal and familial bonds to another time and era.

Jewelry, whether celtic inspired or costume, always has a place as a traditional irish gift item in ones gift ideas list. And for the many occasions throughout the year when looking for a versatile and cherished gift for a close friend, family member or lover, one need not go wrong with a well chosen item of jewelry that appeals to their fashion sense, their love of luxury and/or their need for a link to and reminder of family heritage.


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