Romantic dinner and jewelry the perfect Valentines Day gifts

With Valentines Day quickly rolling up many of us will be thinking of ways and gifts to surprise and impress our loved ones. Gifts for Valentines day can fall into two distinct categories – gifts that offer a special experience and memory for the person to physical gifts of great luxury and thought. For many a typical Valentines Day gift is the experience of being together sharing a romantic dinner booked in a favourite restaurant or, perhaps, a weekend stay for two at one of your favourite 5 star hotels in Ireland.

Aside from the gift of experiencing a memorable event or being pampered at a hotel you could always give your lover a more physical permanent gift item, a gift that they will remember you by. And on Valentines Day jewelry are key romantic gifts that sparkle with thought, mystery and glamour. Of all the romantic themed gifts to get that special lady (or man) in your life, nothing says romance or thought more. Think expensive pearl drop celtic earrings, an intricately designed celtic knot jewelry, a tara inspired brooch, celtic watch or an Irish charm bracelet that can be customised for you. And when it comes to bejewelled gifts that may inspire romance and awe, it is the humble claddagh ring a centuries old example of celtic jewelry famous the world over for its romantic connotations that is the jewel in the crown of romantic themed gifts.

Once noted as an Irish wedding ring and engagement ring in years gone past in Ireland (although not as popular today it still makes a great alternative to the ubiquitous diamond wedding ring), the claddagh ring is an ever popular and legendary symbol of love and friendship. Due to its unique design and the story and legend surrounding it, the claddagh ring is a particular favourite for many as a symbol of a persons love and attention. Indeed last year it came to international attention when it was noted as one of the main Irish gifts that Kanye West gave to his bride Kim Kardashian on their honeymoon in Ireland. The claddagh ring proving an apt token of their love and marriage and a beautiful reminder of their time spent together in Ireland.

Aside from the symbolic meaning behind many celtic inspired jewelry items, another benefit of getting an item of jewelry as a romantic Valentines Day gift is the extra option of making it extra personal by having a personalised message engraved into the piece.

The traditional Irish gift of a beautiful item of jewelry, be it celtic inspired, steeped in romantic history and lore or personalised, is one romantic gift to consider at Valentines.  Alongside the experience of a romantic dinner in a favourite restaurant or stay at a luxury hotel, celtic inspired jewels are gift items to invest in this upcoming Valentines Day.


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