Commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish Gift

The first green shoots of spring time are beginning to emerge across Ireland and this is typically a time of the year when those resident in the Emerald Isle and the vast Diaspora across the globe look forward with eager anticipation for the celebrations to honour the country’s patron saint… St. Patrick. Aside from getting into the frame of celebratory mood and adorning oneself in all shades of Emerald Green and Irish themed clothing, Saint Patrick’s Day is also an important time for many to reflect on what it means to be Irish and take time to think of family and extended family across the world while embracing the best of Irish culture and the nation’s vast heritage.

Nowadays with the vast Irish Diaspora overseas and many people continuing to immigrate to in search of employment and a new start, the significance of Ireland’s national holiday is now more prevalent than ever. The festivities, parades and celebrations of Irish culture are all too well known which brings Irish heritage, culture and traditions into the world’s focus. The holiday’s wide ranging international popularity highlights the vast reaches of Irish influence and culture over the centuries and today is celebrated in all manner of both traditional and non-traditional imaginative ways.

Aside from the main celebratory aspect of the day with the many parades happening worldwide, to many of us the national holiday reminds us of our heritage, family ties and culture. With such emphasis on our heritage and family, St Patrick’s Day can be a great occasion to surprise someone close to you with impromptu gifts from Ireland. Whether you are considering some Irish novelty gifts or traditional Irish gifts, there are a wide range of Irish themed gift stores available online in additional to the many local shops and gift stores. From the more classical themed gifts such as celtic jewelry and special St. Patrick themed Irish Charms to a selection of Waterford Crystal and homeware items, aran sweaters, celtic and Irish themed scarfs and designer clothes

For more light-hearted themed Irish gifts, to mark the celebratory mood on the day, then why not consider a selection of Irish themed novelty gifts such as humorous T-shirts, hats and Saint Patrick’s Day novelty souvenirs and memorabilia to ensure a fun filled day.

And so whatever St. Patrick’s Day means to you, whether it’s a traditional sacred day or a day to acknowledge your place of birth and its vast heritage wherever you are in the world, there are gift ideas and fun items to help you achieve it. With so many traditional Irish gifts on offer to mark the occasion, why not consider giving that special someone or close to you a traditional Irish gift that help to bring your family heritage and national pride to the fore.


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