Why you shouldn’t underestimate the mysticism of Celtic Jewelry

Many of us will have a collection of different items of jewelry in a range of designs from a more classical celtic style to more contemporary costume jewelry to temporarily fit any style. And not too dissimilar to fashion trends and styles there countless Irish jewelry designs available that can help create or complete countless fashion looks. However, not many are aware of the vast heritage and mystic that accompany an item of Celtic jewelry. The origins date back to approximately the period 2000 BC to 550 AD when both silver and gold were commonly used by Celtic craftsmen to create exceptional jewelry adorned with Celtic symbolism and icons.

Over the passage of time the process of making Celtic jewelry has been  further enhanced and refined, but what remains consistent contemporary design is the representation of ancient Celtic symbolism. Since its early origins the styles may have changed but what has remained very much evident is the significance, which is why charming and symbolic Irish Celtic Jewelry is so highly sought after and admired across the globe.

While affordable costume jewellery is commonplace in everyday life, nothing quite beats the gift of a luxury piece of Celtic jewelry. Whether it’s a piece bespoke jewelry which are an artform in themselves to the ever popular diamond and pearl pieces. Distinctive in meaning, style and splendour, the range of delightful Celtic Jewelry that is available today includes Celtic rings, bracelets, pendants, Celtic earrings, Celtic brooches and charms and much more.

Jewelry, whether inspired by Celtic mysticism or costume, always has a place as a key gift item in ones Irish gift ideas list. And for the many occasions throughout the year when looking for a versatile and heartfelt gift for a close friend, family member or lover, one shouldn’t go wrong with a carefully selected item of celtic jewelry that appeals to the fashion sense, their love of luxury and/or their need for a link to and reminder of family heritage.







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