No better time to buy a gift than on vacation

Often the summer months are a time to plan that much deserved break abroad with the family or a romantic trip to the Mediterranean with that special someone. Furthermore there are many benefits to buy that special gifts for loved ones on ones holiday or in their case honeymoon. For instance, during a vacation in Ireland a Claddagh wedding band can be the perfect reminder of a special Irish honeymoon for many years to come. Such a special Irish gift illustrates some of the benefits of purchasing a buying unique gifts abroad particularly in gifts that come with their own unique cultural premise and history.

A holiday is also a great time to plan ahead and purchase gifts for upcoming special events and occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even a unique house warming gift. Depending where you decide to take a vacation, holiday gift shopping can provide a wide range of shopping ideas particularly for those looking for something truly unique and culturally distinctive. For many, a holiday gift can conjure up pictures of cheap and tacky souvenirs comprising a range of novelty gifts and t-shirts.

However, many destinations such as Ireland offer visitors the opportunity to delve deeper in the local culture and its history offering up a selection of great Irish gifts and hidden treasures. So next time you’re abroad, remember to stop and think before picking the stores and local markets to and shop around.

As noted earlier, the real benefit of buying a gift on vacation is that it can be used for many occasions or at different times throughout the year. It will also show the recipient that you were in their thoughts and went to that extra special effort to get them something particularly unique with its own distinct history and origins. Hopefully the holiday gift will embody the great memories and culture of place of origin which gives it a very special. As in our earlier example of the Claddagh ring, its rich historical significance and iconic look make this piece of celtic jewelry something the recipient would treasure for many years to come.

Like all countries around the world with their distinctive traditional gifts, Aside from the Claddagh ring, Ireland is a source of endless traditional gift ideas including the iconic aran sweaters, celtic jewelry, the visually spectacular Waterford crystal and classical belleek pottery. What makes these gifts extra special is that they are usually manufactured and hand crafted locally which makes them truly distinctive and unique to that destination. So next time you’re enjoying a vacation aboard, set aside a little time to do a little holiday shopping… and who knows it might save you any last rushes later in the year!


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