Gifts ideas for Father’s Day

It’s that time of the year again when father’s around the world are recognised for the major lives they play in the lives of their son’s and daughter’s. This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday, 21st June, and is the time of year when due recognition is paid to the significant role father’s have and continue to play in our lives. It’s every father’s opportunity to spend some well deserved time in the limelight and enjoy a novelty or traditional Irish gift.

Choosing the right gift for your father can at times be a challenging task. In many cases the man of the house can be a lot less inclined to receiving gifts, however, the knock on effect of this is that they can often be a lot harder to buy gifts for.  So when it comes to choosing the right gift for your father then here are a few suggested options to consider to help make this task a lot smoother than usual.

Consider opting for the humorous Father’s Day gag gift route complete with the obligatory card, mug or t-shirt or, perhaps, a more sentimental Irish gift that acknowledges the important paternal role he has played in one’s life or there is the more personalised gift similar to the one, one would give him for Christmas or his birthday.

Whatever route you take and how you honour Father’s Day is up to you and what the day means to both you and your father. Whether you see it as a special fun occasion or the perfect opportunity to surprise your father and let him know how much you appreciate(d) the lifts to school, discos or sporting events over then years, then why not surprise him with a personalised gift or, perhaps, one of the many Irish gifts out there.

As with everything it is often best to take note of where your fathers interests lie and choose a Irish novelty gift that you know he will like and one that will be of use to him.


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