Are Claddagh rings as much for men as for women?

The Claddagh ring holds a special place in Irish culture and represents the unity, love and loyalty between two people while also embellishing ones ties to Ireland. The Irish Diaspora stretches across the globe and has continued to grow during the recent global economic downturn which saw a new generation of Irish forced to take the option to immigrate.

Identification with Irish ancestry is a key facet of this Diaspora and this is usually done by celebrating Irish holidays and giving their children Irish names, they often choose to wear clothing, celtic jewelry, and other unique Irish accessories that reference their family ties in Ireland.

Symbolising one’s sense of Irish heritage is often important those not only the Irish Diaspora but also those living  back at home so the use of accessories is a good way of doing this. As mentioned previously, one of the most popular celtic jewelry accessories is the Claddagh ring which enjoys a rich history that dates as far back to the 18th century.

The Claddagh ring is ostensibly associated with fairer sex, particularly those of direct Irish descent or those who have originated elsewhere in the world, wear these celtic rings as keepsake tokens or even Irish wedding rings. However, it is often wondered whether the Claddagh ring is a suitable celtic accessory that that can worn by men? So it might be worth men taking the following into consideration.

Rich Symbolism

Mens’ Claddagh rings embody far more than history and culture. They carry in their design symbolic meanings that harken back to family ties and romantic love in Ireland. In fact, the symbols in the ring themselves tell a story that can spark appreciation in the person who wears the ring:

  • The hands symbolize friendship and unity.
  • The heart stands for love.
  • The crown on the top the ring’s design stands for loyalty.

Love, unity, and loyalty are sentiments known to most men throughout the world.

Embellish your Irish Heritage

Many cities and countries across the globe are now very much multicultural with many different ethnicities existing within the same space which may result in the loss of one’s sense of heritage. For those who have a strong sense of their ‘Irishness’ and wish to stand out from the crowd by displaying their ancestry with pride then the Claddagh ring is often a great way of doing this. Because it can be impossible to discern which person is of Irish ancestry and which one is not, a man who wears this ring can actively demonstrate that he comes from a family with roots to that culture and country.

Wedding Bands with a difference

Guys who wear men’s Claddagh rings as wedding bands also stand out in the crowd because of the unique nature of their accessories. Most men wear a solid gold or silver band, indeed a piece of jewelry that unfortunately can be readily dismissed as uniform and uninteresting. Mens’ Claddagh rings, however, have a unique story to tell about a man and his wife and their relationship together.


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