Time to start planning those special Christmas gifts

For many it’s a time for ghosts and pumpkins as the ‘frightful’ Halloween season is upon us.  It’s also a time of the year when store fronts and retail areas begin their festive transformation as the busy Christmas period fast approaches. Halloween often signals a time at which  many people turn their attention to the task of Christmas shopping. So whether it feels a little too soon or perhaps you’re distracted by the Halloween festivities, it could yet be an opportune time to start considering those Christmas gifts?

Setting enough time aside early can often enable you source unique gifts, particularly if you are on vacation in Ireland or abroad. Locally crafted products and from a short break can often provide a genuine sense of authenticity for the recipient and indicate a high degree of thoughtfulness on behalf of the purchaser.

Having evolved into a highly planned and orchestrated  annual event, Christmas shopping requires sufficient pre-planning to avoid undue disappointment and stress during a time of festive joyfulness. Take time out to browse through the local markets and shops which are a rich source of both novelty and traditional gifts.

Whether you’re just visiting Ireland for a short vacation or thinking of a special Irish gift for a family member living overseas then Aran sweaters, Irish crystal and Celtic jewelry have proven to be immensely popular over the years. Particularly if purchasing for those with a strong Irish heritage, then a stylish hand knit Aran sweater or item of Irish jewelry could just be a lifesaver in the run up to the 25th December.

Synonymous with Ireland’s rich heritage and a staple of Irish fashion for many many years, the Aran sweater is every bit the authentic gift from Ireland. Originating off the west coast of Ireland on the remote Aran Islands, their patterns and stitches tell their own story and regional history has always held a distinctive mystique. Likewise the Claddagh ring has emerged as an iconic piece of the Celtic jewelry range which also typically comprise pendants, Celtic knot jewelry, Irish charm bracelets and earrings,

So the advice is to not leave it too late and with adequate pre-planning and foresight you can take the anguish and stress out of Christmas shopping but in the meantime make sure to enjoy a ‘frightful’ Halloween! 🙂


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