Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider for 2016

It is hard to believe but the first month of 2016 has almost come and gone as attention turns to the fast approaching month of February. For many February turns thoughts towards the first big gift buying event of the year with Valentine’s Day on the horizon of couples across the globe.

It is easy for some to have a cynical view of the 14th February and all that it entails as another money spinner for retailers but for many it’s a genuine opportunity to celebrate, reinforce or, perhaps, reinvigorate ones relationship. However, traditionally it’s a day when men and women throughout the world have an opportunity to inject some romance, spontaneity and occasion into their relationship with that special other.

In keeping with its true spirit, Valentine’s Day empowers members of both sexes to set free both their romantic and creative sides to demonstrate to that special other – whether it’s a partner, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife – how important they are with a specially selected romantic gesture or thoughtful Irish gift.

But what’s the best way of marking Valentine’s Day? Are you obliged to search for a specifically romantic themed gift or lean towards a personalized gift that they would really cherish?

Alternatively, if a traditional gift are not your thing then you could always mark the occasion with romantic gesture such as a preparing a special meal at home, arrange a meal in a exclusive restaurant or hotel, or if you’re feeling adventurous then maybe a romantic picnic at a scenic or evocative location.

So what are the most reliable traditional gifts to consider on Valentine’s Day?

  • Irish Chocolates and candy?
  • A bouquets of flowers?
  • A carefully selected celtic jewelry piece?
  • Tickets to a favorite show or concert?
  • A cuddly teddy bear or toy?
  • A small piece of skilfully crafted Waterford Crystal?
  • A meal in an exclusive restaurant?
  • Some expensive lingerie?
  • A romantic poem penned from the heart?
  • Or personalized gifts you know your partner will cherish?

At first, the thought of gift buying for Valentine’s Day can seem daunting or even a burden but when you really consider all the options there’s plenty to choose from, especially if you want to move away from the more mundane chocolates and flowers… which are by no means a bad option either! 🙂


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