Lismore… Waterford Crystal’s most loved Collection

For many the Lismore Collection has emerged as Waterford Crystal‘s most loved and elegant collection since its launch in 1952. Over the past 50 years the enduring designs have lasted the passing of time and can be a beautiful addition to grace any mantelpiece , cabinet or sideboard or, perhaps, a thoughtful Irish gift for special occasions.

The origins for the Lismore Collection are greatly inspired by the gothic architecture of the Lismore Castle in County Waterford which dates back almost 800 years. Lismore Castle has an iconic setting perched spectacularly on a cliff overlooking the River Backwater near the Knockmealdown Mountains.

The Castle has had a colourful history with many owners passing through its doors and enduring many wars. It was once the seat of archbishops; from Sir Walter Raleigh to the Earl of Cork and it has been in the possession of the Dukes of Devonshire for centuries. The name of Lismore itself is derived from ancient Gaelic, translating  into English as “great ringfort”.

The cutting pattern of this elegant crystal collection is a recreation of the leaded windows and turrets of the picturesque County Waterford castle. The classical Lismore Crystal Collection is synonymous for its use of simple cuts and balanced beauty which are as fresh today as they were over 50 years ago. Skillfully combining and integrating wedge cuts and an open plain diamond cutting has set this collection apart from other Irish crystal collections such as the Marquis and Galway Crystal.

Of all of Waterford Crystal’s cuts Lismore is the most loved and a great option for those considering special traditional Irish gifts which evoke the rich heritage of Ireland.


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