Choosing a Memorable Wedding Gift for a Happy Couple

For many choosing something unique and relevant for a wedding gift for newlyweds can be one of those unforeseen obstacles when prepping for the big day. Rather than stuffing some cash into a card, opting for something slightly more memorable or thoughtful is certainly an avenue to explore.  Before your brain goes into wedding gift overdrive, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy them a fondue set!

Chances are you may be familiar with the couple’s interests and hobbies. If so, then maybe a piece of Irish crystal or, perhaps some ornate Belleek gifts which can be used in everyday life, could make the perfect wedding gift.

New Home Owners

Purchasing a new house is an expensive business – especially if you add a wedding to the mix. For many there can be little or no budget for interior decoration. If the newlyweds are close friends then maybe you assist them in purchasing some items of furniture to help give them a head-start in their new home.

Living Life in the Fast Lane

For those couples who are always on the go and for whom time is of the essence as they go about their busy lives trying balance both work and play. So for those living life in the fast lane then a Nespresso coffee machine might be the perfect wedding gift to help kick start their day and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

The Fashionista

The queen of style, this bride-to-be is always hot on the latest trends. From the year’s most popular colour coordination; rose quartz and serenity, to rose gold and marble effect details. Perhaps something warm and comfy for those long winter nights such as an authentic Irish aran sweater with its timeless but functional qualities.

The Ultimate Homemaker

Considering a gift for a true homebird? Someone who takes pride in her abode and loves nothing more than when friends come around for a chat and for a cup of tea.  Keep comfort in mind when choosing a gift for this bride-to-be or maybe something ornate for the mantelpiece. A stylish piece of Waterford Crystal to help decorate the new abode could go down a treat. Alternatively, if you are looking to buy something small to acknowledge their recent engagement, then some scented candles or a set of Belleek mugs will go down a treat.


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