Irish themed gift ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

When we think of gift giving two dates for the diary, in particular, stand out during the month March, namely Mother’s Day and the less traditional gift giving occasion but just as fun filled for the millions of Irish Diaspora across the world… St. Patrick’s Day.

Ireland’s national holiday not only sees much of the island stop and celebrate for the day but also much of the world quite literally goes green for St. Patrick’s Day. Many wouldn’t necessarily associate the St. Patrick’s festival as a traditional gift giving occasion but it is often the perfect opportunity to get into the spirit of things and treat family and friends across the world to all sorts of of traditional and novelty Irish gifts. The beauty of St. Patrick’s Day gifts is that they can range from a traditional style shamrock adorned piece of celtic jewelry or sprigs of shamrock to the more ridiculous leprechaun hats, Guinness T-Shirts or Shamrock Silk Tie.

St Patrick's Day Gift IdeasFor many St. Patrick’s Day can encompass two things, one the celebratory fun aspects of the day’s parades throughout the day. For others it is a chance to embrace the Irish heritage and traditions with friends and family both home and abroad. This rich Irish heritage complimented by the fun contemporary festivals throughout Ireland and the world allow people to celebrate and mark it in many different ways.

Parades celebrating all aspects of Irish culture are generally held throughout Ireland and in major cities with Irish influence across the globe. St. Patrick’s Day is a day where all people can let their hair down and celebrate in style donned head to toe in green. Being identified as Irish is key so whether you opt for an all green ensemble, donning the colours of the Irish flag or perhaps going for a more cultured and traditional look with a cozy aran sweater then the choice is yours! The day is often remembered for the variety of novelty Irish outfits and great sense of colour. From green face paint. to oversized leprechaun hats, to ginger Irish wigs and shamrock headbands, the selection is endless.

If the novelty dress and body paint is not for you then, perhaps, a more classical and stylish option may be preferable. Honor your Celtic roots and heritage with a beautifully handcrafted piece of celtic jewelry which may include an ornate Irish charm bracelet or a stylish tweed or wool throw blanket adorned with a shamrock, harp or traditional Herringbone pattern.

However you decide to mark Ireland’s national holiday and show your “Irishness” to the world, there are many Irish themed gifts and accessories to help you get into the heart of all things St. Patrick’s Day related.


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