Irish gift ideas for Mother’s Day

The lead up to Mother’s day is always filled with last minute dashes to the florist and chocolate aisles in the supermarket.  Mother’s day always manages to creep up on us, partly because the date changes every year but mostly because it’s one of the few important dates that our mothers don’t send us a reminder text about.

You hear it mentioned on the radio, see it advertised at the supermarket but only when you hear a colleague mentioning it’s in two days’ time that you actually acknowledge its rapid approach. You frantically try to think of something creative and thoughtful, but incredibly, despite spending so much time with your mom (literally from the moment you are born), you have no idea what to buy her! Mothers spend your youth buying you presents and organising your birthdays, it’s somewhat disjointed when things are suddenly the other way around.

Still, when we actually reflect on how much mothers do for their children, without any pay, days off and often with pretty limited appreciation, one day a year dedicated to appreciating them, really is the least we can do. So if you’re struggling to come up with something a little more original than the chocolates and flowers, see our thoughtful list below;

A Framed Picture

A picture is a poem without words. A photo with a nice picture frame is a very much underrated present, photos capture a moment in time and means that moment can be revisited through a time portal every time you look at it. Try and pick a photo that has you in it, you may not fully appreciate it but a mother’s greatest masterpiece is her children.

Aran Sweater

It’s a little scary buying someone else clothes, what if they don’t fit? That’s the beauty of a sweater though, they are made to be loose and casual and it’s very easy to guess the correct size. When it comes to picking a colour, your first thought will most definitely be that you don’t know what colours they will like. You don’t even know what colours you like. Luckily, there’s a one word solution; “browse”. Even though you might originally think you don’t know what your mom likes, I can almost guarantee that when you start looking, you’ll be able to pick out what is and isn’t your moms style. You’ve spent your lifetime around your mom and if you haven’t noted her style consciously, it’s inevitable your subconscious has. If you’re still not convinced though, there is a backup plan below….

Scarf or Shawl

A scarf or shawl is a beautiful present to get your mom. You don’t need to worry about style as much because scarves can be adapted to whatever is being worn. You can look at almost any scarf or shawl and think of an outfit that you own that would go perfectly with it.


This is the safest bet you will find on this list. You don’t need to spend time worrying about whether your mom will like it or not, all good candles smell amazing. It’s like buying someone chocolates, even if you don’t get their absolute favourite type, who cares? Chocolate is chocolate, it’s all good.

Irish Heritage Gift

Whilst all our mothers are completely unique, there are a few high end staples that the vast majority of Irish mammies have in their homes. Most homes have a shelf dedicated to Waterford Crystal’s finest. Most mammies also have some Celtic jewelry tucked away in its original box for special occasions, aim for a necklace or earrings in case a ring doesn’t fit. If your mom is a creature of comfort, a beautiful Irish Throw Blanket is always a good choice.

Time with You

Whilst physical objects are all well and good, memories are even better. So take some time and do something with your mom, whether it’s out for a meal, a small trip away or even just a walk in the park. There’s not much you can buy for a mother that can top quality time together.


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