Unmasking the distinctive St. Brigid’s Cross design

What is the meaning of St. Brigid’s Cross? The first day February each year is a special date in the Irish calendar and marks St. Brigid’s Day and is traditionally seen at the start of spring in Ireland. For centuries it has been customary on the eve of her Feast Day for the Irish people […]

Choosing gifts for a special occasion or event

We’ve all been in that position where we’re under pressure to think of a suitable gift for a special occasion or event whether it’s a family birthday, wedding or christening. The key is often to look for gifts that are universal and treasured then you can’t go wrong purchasing a piece of Celtic jewelry. Jewelry can be given […]

Waterford Crystal: A timeless Irish gift

When choosing thoughtful and iconic gifts from Ireland for a foreign dignitary, it is not uncommon for members of the Irish government to opt for timeless Waterford Crystal gifts. Despite the closure of the factory in Waterford back in 2009, the range of products still produced by its smaller compatriot House of Waterford Crystal, which opened in […]

Commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish Gift

The first green shoots of spring time are beginning to emerge across Ireland and this is typically a time of the year when those resident in the Emerald Isle and the vast Diaspora across the globe look forward with eager anticipation for the celebrations to honour the country’s patron saint… St. Patrick. Aside from getting into […]

Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 2)

As each country has its own rich culture and heritage, much of its individuality can often be seen in the local food, drink, products and crafts. Think of Ireland and the traditional Irish gifts of aran sweaters (traditionally knitted and made in the remote Aran islands), the aforementioned claddagh rings and celtic jewelry (which take […]

Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 1)

Remember in a recent post when we noted how Kanye West bought his bride Kim Kardashian a claddagh ring on their honeymoon in Ireland, well that got me thinking about the benefits of buying gifts for loved ones on ones holiday or in their case honeymoon. Kanye’s choice of an Irish Claddagh ring was fitting […]

Gifts for Fathers Day: What to get for your father on fathers day?

This Sunday the 15th June is Father’s Day, the time of year when we note the major role our fathers have and continue to play in our lives. Like its female counterpart Mothers Day, Fathers Day gives the overlooked fathers and father figures a well deserved time in the sun and allows us all to […]

What can we learn from Micheal D Higgins gifts to the Royal Family

At the end of his recent historical visit to London to meet the queen, amongst the many things the Irish president Mr Higgins did was to present his generous host with a number of traditional Irish gifts for various members of her extended royal family. His choice of individual Irish gifts for each family member […]

Why not celebrate Ireland’s national holiday with a gift?

Aside from getting into the frame of celebratory mood and donning all manner of Irish themed novelty clothing such as Irish sweaters, St Patrick’s Day also is a day for remembering Irish culture and heritage and sharing it with our vast family connections around the world. Nowadays with the vast Irish Diaspora and many people immigrating to far […]