The novelty factor is not to be underestimated

You may seen some of the novelty gift shops on a vacation to Ireland while strolling down O’Connell Street in Dublin, St. Patrick’s Street in Cork or the Duty Free stores in one of Ireland’s airports. There are often many stereotypes associated with such stores and the Irish gifts available to purchase in them but you may be surprised as to the hidden gems and firm favourites you might come across when you pay them a visit.

In this post, we’re going to have a little fun and check out some of the truly unique and novelty Irish gifts that can found in some of the many Irish souvenir shops dotted across the Emerald Isle.

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Lismore… Waterford Crystal’s most loved Collection

For many the Lismore Collection has emerged as Waterford Crystal‘s most loved and elegant collection since its launch in 1952. Over the past 50 years the enduring designs have lasted the passing of time and can be a beautiful addition to grace any mantelpiece , cabinet or sideboard or, perhaps, a thoughtful Irish gift for special occasions.

The origins for the Lismore Collection are greatly inspired by the gothic architecture of the Lismore Castle in County Waterford which dates back almost 800 years. Lismore Castle has an iconic setting perched spectacularly on a cliff overlooking the River Backwater near the Knockmealdown Mountains.

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Thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day

For many of Irish decent, the month of March has two significant dates for the diary namely Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Both days hold significant importance for differing reasons but can also be marked with a suitable Irish gift whether its traditional, quirky or more contemporary.

This year Mother’s Day, or as others less commonly refer to it as Mothering Sunday, falls on the 6th March 2016. It is a day for mothers to sit back and relax and be acknowledged for the support they have given their family and friends over the previous 12 months.

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas to consider for 2016

It is hard to believe but the first month of 2016 has almost come and gone as attention turns to the fast approaching month of February. For many February turns thoughts towards the first big gift buying event of the year with Valentine’s Day on the horizon of couples across the globe.

It is easy for some to have a cynical view of the 14th February and all that it entails as another money spinner for retailers but for many it’s a genuine opportunity to celebrate, reinforce or, perhaps, reinvigorate ones relationship. However, traditionally it’s a day when men and women throughout the world have an opportunity to inject some romance, spontaneity and occasion into their relationship with that special other.

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Aran Sweaters – The story of a classic Irish gift

Aran sweaters were born from life at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean off Galway Bay and have garnered a reputation as a uniquely Irish gift and garment, so much so that an example of a traditional aran sweater is now on display in Ireland’s National Museum.

The Aran Islands are located approximately six miles off the mouth of Galway Bay in the west of Ireland. Life in this region is preoccupied with fishing, farming and tourism. The islands comprise of three. The islands comprise of three parts of varying size- the smallest is Innisheer, followed by Inishmaan, and then the largest island of Inishmore.

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Avoid the Christmas crowds with online shopping

The days are counting down until the 25th December when Santa Claus will be visiting homes around the world bearing gifts of all shapes and sizes. For many, the gift buying process has yet to begin with time quickly running out especially those wishing to do their Christmas shopping online and, in particular, for those hoping to purchase gifts from Ireland.

The trend of Christmas shopping online has grown steadily over the years with a large proportion of customers choosing to purchase online as an alternative to the more traditional gift buying process. The benefits of online shopping are numerous with the majority of retailers, no matter what their size, possessing an online presence whether based on the high street, nationally or internationally.

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The exclusivity and glamour of luxury Christmas gifts


Christmas can be a time when you may want to splash out on something really special for a loved one, family member or close friend. Practicality may have been the name of the game throughout the year but now might be a chance to invest in a luxury Irish gift for the festive season.

While for the budget conscious a big outlay on luxury Christmas gifts might not be worth considering, however, when well chosen then there might just be a place for them. Purchasing a luxury doesn’t always require winning the Lottery or the backing of a wealthy distant relation. You can start with a small thoughtful gift for those closest to you.

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Irish gift ideas for Christmas

Now that frightfulness of Halloween is out of the way, many people’s attention swiftly turn to Christmas and task of buying gifts for friends, family and loved ones.  Whether you’re part of the Irish Diaspora abroad or looking to get a little piece of home for a relative or family member overseas, then we’ve compiled a list of some of the more affordable Christmas gifts from Ireland. Continue reading

Time to start planning those special Christmas gifts

For many it’s a time for ghosts and pumpkins as the ‘frightful’ Halloween season is upon us.  It’s also a time of the year when store fronts and retail areas begin their festive transformation as the busy Christmas period fast approaches. Halloween often signals a time at which  many people turn their attention to the task of Christmas shopping. So whether it feels a little too soon or perhaps you’re distracted by the Halloween festivities, it could yet be an opportune time to start considering those Christmas gifts?

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The influence of fall/winter trends for the fashion conscious

Finding inspiration for a gift can often be the most time consuming phase of the the whole gift buying process whether it’s for an upcoming birthday for a friend, family member ; a spontaneous occasion; a wedding gift or perhaps for an early Christmas gift idea. This can be particularly difficult when buying gifts online for a fashion conscious individual, and so keeping a keen eye on the current and emerging fashion trends could well be  an invaluable aid.

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