Thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day

For many of Irish decent, the month of March has two significant dates for the diary namely Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Both days hold significant importance for differing reasons but can also be marked with a suitable Irish gift whether its traditional, quirky or more contemporary.


Glamorous gift ideas for women

The process of choosing the perfect gift for women can be separated into a number categories, whether that lady is a member of the family, a close fiend, a lover or wife with a wide variety of Irish gifts to choose from. Whether you lean towards some personalized celtic jewelry, a unique piece of Irish crystal or a […]

Buying clothes as a gift guide: what to look for and what to avoid

Looking online, or glancing at a shop window on a trip to town we often get a glimpse of an item that has future birthday, Christmas, anniversary or spur of the moment gift for someone written on it. And when we list all of the possible Irish gifts available to buy, gifts of all types […]

A guide to Valentine’s Day gift options and ideas: Part 1

It is hard to believe but the month of January is almost over and we are already approaching February. And with February comes Valentine’s Day the next big gift giving day on the calendar.   Whilst some may see the day as a cynical chance to cash in on an old tradition for others it […]

Beauty gift-sets adding glamour to Christmas wishlist

When it comes to getting gifts for women be it a family member, friend, wife or lover there is a lot of choice available and different categories of gifts from Ireland. From stylish clothes and accessories, to personalised jewellery, coffee table books, stationary sets, food hampers crystal pieces and stylish household items to name a […]