Thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day

For many of Irish decent, the month of March has two significant dates for the diary namely Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Both days hold significant importance for differing reasons but can also be marked with a suitable Irish gift whether its traditional, quirky or more contemporary.


No better time to buy a gift than on vacation

Often the summer months are a time to plan that much deserved break abroad with the family or a romantic trip to the Mediterranean with that special someone. Furthermore there are many benefits to buy that special gifts for loved ones on ones holiday or in their case honeymoon. For instance, during a vacation in Ireland a Claddagh […]

The benefits of online shopping for Christmas gifts

For many the lead up to Christmas can be a frantic period with the purchase of gifts for family and loved ones paramount on the agenda. To ease one’s anxiety in this regard, online Christmas shopping has become increasingly prevalent with many people choosing to purchase their Irish gifts online as an alternative to the more traditional […]

Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 2)

As each country has its own rich culture and heritage, much of its individuality can often be seen in the local food, drink, products and crafts. Think of Ireland and the traditional Irish gifts of aran sweaters (traditionally knitted and made in the remote Aran islands), the aforementioned claddagh rings and celtic jewelry (which take […]

Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 1)

Remember in a recent post when we noted how Kanye West bought his bride Kim Kardashian a claddagh ring on their honeymoon in Ireland, well that got me thinking about the benefits of buying gifts for loved ones on ones holiday or in their case honeymoon. Kanye’s choice of an Irish Claddagh ring was fitting […]

Buying gifts on holiday: The Essential Guide Part 1

In our last few posts we looked at the good and bad of holiday gift souvenirs. And continuing on with the summer holiday (or any seasonal holiday for that matter) gift ideas theme, I thought I would look at the more serious side of buying Irish gifts on holiday for family and friends back home. […]