Choosing a Memorable Wedding Gift for a Happy Couple

For many choosing something unique and relevant for a wedding gift for newlyweds can be one of those unforeseen obstacles when prepping for the big day. Rather than stuffing some cash into a card, opting for something slightly more memorable or thoughtful is certainly an avenue to explore.  Before your brain goes into wedding gift overdrive, this doesn’t […]

Holidays: the perfect opportunity to buy that unique gift (Part 1)

Remember in a recent post when we noted how Kanye West bought his bride Kim Kardashian a claddagh ring on their honeymoon in Ireland, well that got me thinking about the benefits of buying gifts for loved ones on ones holiday or in their case honeymoon. Kanye’s choice of an Irish Claddagh ring was fitting […]

What can we learn from Micheal D Higgins gifts to the Royal Family

At the end of his recent historical visit to London to meet the queen, amongst the many things the Irish president Mr Higgins did was to present his generous host with a number of traditional Irish gifts for various members of her extended royal family. His choice of individual Irish gifts for each family member […]