The symbols of Celtic Jewelry and its Christian meaning – Part 1

For those with Irish roots or even with no direct link to Ireland then celtic jewelry has become a popular fashion accessory to compliment any outfit. But what do the various symbols of celtic jewelry actually mean? and how did these symbols evolve? Celtic jewelry in Ireland has been traced back to the period between 2000 […]

Are Claddagh rings as much for men as for women?

The Claddagh ring holds a special place in Irish culture and represents the unity, love and loyalty between two people while also embellishing ones ties to Ireland. The Irish Diaspora stretches across the globe and has continued to grow during the recent global economic downturn which saw a new generation of Irish forced to take the option […]

Why you shouldn’t underestimate the mysticism of Celtic Jewelry

Many of us will have a collection of different items of jewelry in a range of designs from a more classical celtic style to more contemporary costume jewelry to temporarily fit any style. And not too dissimilar to fashion trends and styles there countless Irish jewelry designs available that can help create or complete countless fashion looks. However, not many are aware of the […]

The allure of jewelry as a gift of choice for many occasions

Christmas may be well and truly over, but shopping for gifts online is a year round activity which isn’t constricted by the day of the week or time of the day. From random acts of generosity, to birthdays, anniversaries (wedding, relationship etc), honouring momentous occasions (moving house) to special events/holidays, there is always time for […]