4 Reasons Aran Knitwear Will Make a Ridiculously Sweet Christmas Gift

Only a few more sleeps left! Christmas is a magical time to be surrounded by family tradition. If you’re being reunited with your loved ones this season, here are some heart-warming reasons why Aran knitwear is a perfect gift for the most special people in your life. Advertisements

Aran Sweaters – The story of a classic Irish gift

Aran sweaters were born from life at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean off Galway Bay and have garnered a reputation as a uniquely Irish gift and garment, so much so that an example of a traditional aran sweater is now on display in Ireland’s National Museum. The Aran Islands are located approximately six miles off the mouth of […]

The influence of fall/winter trends for the fashion conscious

Finding inspiration for a gift can often be the most time consuming phase of the the whole gift buying process whether it’s for an upcoming birthday for a friend, family member ; a spontaneous occasion; a wedding gift or perhaps for an early Christmas gift idea. This can be particularly difficult when buying gifts online for […]

Personalized gift ideas for Christmas

On our growing Christmas wish list, for both children and grown ups, the latest games and must have gadgets in the world of technology, food, sports and hobbies etc. usually pop into the mindset. And that’s not forgetting adding cosy Aran sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves to wrap up warm in winter, gorgeous luxury Celtic […]

Clothing Accessories as a Gift: Part 2

With so many gift options out there it can be hard to know what to get for main gift giving occasions such as birthdays, family visits and upcoming Christmas holidays. As mentioned last week, an often overlooked gift item that could be worth looking at, are clothing and fashion items if chosen with a hint […]

Buying clothes as a gift guide: what to look for and what to avoid

Looking online, or glancing at a shop window on a trip to town we often get a glimpse of an item that has future birthday, Christmas, anniversary or spur of the moment gift for someone written on it. And when we list all of the possible Irish gifts available to buy, gifts of all types […]

How following fall/winter fashion trends can help you pick the right gift for your fashionista friend

When it comes to getting gifts, be it one for an upcoming friend, lover or a family members birthday, or a random spur of the moment gift for a friend or family member away from home or off on an early start for Christmas gift season, finding inspiration can be hard. One interesting way to […]