Buying gifts on holiday: The Essential Guide Part 2

Click on the following link to view part one: Irish gift ideas – holiday guide part one Part 2: Notes to consider before going on holiday When thinking about buying gifts on holiday for those at home consider a few things. Firstly who are you buying for, what are their interests and how much do you […]

Buying gifts on holiday: The Essential Guide Part 1

In our last few posts we looked at the good and bad of holiday gift souvenirs. And continuing on with the summer holiday (or any seasonal holiday for that matter) gift ideas theme, I thought I would look at the more serious side of buying Irish gifts on holiday for family and friends back home. […]

Souvenirs: the good, the bad and the plain ugly

It’s around this time of year that many of us (if we haven’t done already) are heading off on our annual summer holiday and with it two weeks of fun and relaxation away from home and work pressures. And when it comes to heading home and with it the purchase of holiday souvenirs that will […]