The novelty factor is not to be underestimated

You may seen some of the novelty gift shops on a vacation to Ireland while strolling down O’Connell Street in Dublin, St. Patrick’s Street in Cork or the Duty Free stores in one of Ireland’s airports. There are often many stereotypes associated with such stores and the Irish gifts available to purchase in them but […]

Thoughtful gift ideas for Mother’s Day

For many of Irish decent, the month of March has two significant dates for the diary namely Mother’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. Both days hold significant importance for differing reasons but can also be marked with a suitable Irish gift whether its traditional, quirky or more contemporary.

Waterford Crystal: A timeless Irish gift

When choosing thoughtful and iconic gifts from Ireland for a foreign dignitary, it is not uncommon for members of the Irish government to opt for timeless Waterford Crystal gifts. Despite the closure of the factory in Waterford back in 2009, the range of products still produced by its smaller compatriot House of Waterford Crystal, which opened in […]

Commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish Gift

The first green shoots of spring time are beginning to emerge across Ireland and this is typically a time of the year when those resident in the Emerald Isle and the vast Diaspora across the globe look forward with eager anticipation for the celebrations to honour the country’s patron saint… St. Patrick. Aside from getting into […]

Black Friday: perfect excuse to get bargain Christmas gifts

Christmas shopping has been rapidly gathering steam and the many of us may by now be putting together a Christmas shopping list of presents to get/search for family and friends. The cost of gifts, the limited number of free days left to go out Christmas shopping (the weekends) and the number of people to get […]

Clothing Accessories as a Gift: Part 2

With so many gift options out there it can be hard to know what to get for main gift giving occasions such as birthdays, family visits and upcoming Christmas holidays. As mentioned last week, an often overlooked gift item that could be worth looking at, are clothing and fashion items if chosen with a hint […]

How following fall/winter fashion trends can help you pick the right gift for your fashionista friend

When it comes to getting gifts, be it one for an upcoming friend, lover or a family members birthday, or a random spur of the moment gift for a friend or family member away from home or off on an early start for Christmas gift season, finding inspiration can be hard. One interesting way to […]

What can we learn from Micheal D Higgins gifts to the Royal Family

At the end of his recent historical visit to London to meet the queen, amongst the many things the Irish president Mr Higgins did was to present his generous host with a number of traditional Irish gifts for various members of her extended royal family. His choice of individual Irish gifts for each family member […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Part 2

In our last post we acknowledged the importance of Mother’s Day and the many ways we can show our appreciation and in this post we will look at the many gift options out there for Mother’s Day. With Mother’s Day there are many ways to show appreciation and thanks to your mum. You can treat her […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Part 1

It seems fitting that with all the unheralded support they have given us over the years, that there is at least a day to honour and celebrate mothers and the work and support they have and continue to give over the years. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many different ways and  indeed on different days […]