Choosing a Memorable Wedding Gift for a Happy Couple

For many choosing something unique and relevant for a wedding gift for newlyweds can be one of those unforeseen obstacles when prepping for the big day. Rather than stuffing some cash into a card, opting for something slightly more memorable or thoughtful is certainly an avenue to explore.  Before your brain goes into wedding gift overdrive, this doesn’t […]

Choosing gifts for a special occasion or event

We’ve all been in that position where we’re under pressure to think of a suitable gift for a special occasion or event whether it’s a family birthday, wedding or christening. The key is often to look for gifts that are universal and treasured then you can’t go wrong purchasing a piece of Celtic jewelry. Jewelry can be given […]

After Christmas… the many occasions when we give gifts

So Christmas is over and 2014 is upon us, the gifts have been given and unwrapped and we are all may be feeling the effects of overindulgence in some form or other. Whilst some of us may be thankful of a break from present shopping after a whole month of it for the festive season, […]